The Nest – Feature Film

Releasing through out North America & the UK, July, 2021 – The Nest is a heartbreaking and disturbing story of the disintegration of a loving family. Meg is a fearless and independent child who bonds with her playful and musical father Jack. Her mother, Beth, is a recovering prescription opioid addict, who fiercely loves her daughter and husband but who carries guilt about letting them both down in the past. The story begins with a trip to the playground and a visit to a nearby yard sale. At the yard sale, Beth purchases a stuffed bear for Meg which sets off a chain reaction that the family could not possibly imagine. In the shadows of the forest behind the playground, Meg has a terrible accident and later develops extreme separation anxiety. The intense focus of Meg’s anxiety is rooted in her new stuffed bear, Ricky, and her mother Beth, who failed to react and help Meg in her time of need. Meg routinely talks with Ricky and starts developing strange hoarding habits involving her stuffed animals and playthings.

Beth struggles with her guilt about her inaction and how to best handle Meg’s growing anxiety and hoarding tendencies. As Meg continues to latch onto her mother, her father Jack grows increasingly frustrated as he is pushed farther away from his wife and daughter. Meanwhile, Meg’s behavior becomes even more strange and obsessive. She has an altercation with her school counselor that indicates that there might be a more profound trigger to Meg’s evolving erratic behavior. After Beth has a suspicious accident at home when she is offered a job interview, she begins to question her own sanity and safety.  Even Jack starts to have extreme personality shift that rock the foundation of their family.

As Beth recovers at home, Jack and once trusted family friend, Marisa, develop a cruel bond that threatens her marriage and mental health. After a shattering discovery, Beth kicks Jack out and then struggles with depression and begins to relapse with pain medication. As Meg tightens her grip on Beth emotionally and physically, Beth struggles to protect Meg and herself while her ability to differentiate what is really happening around her dissolves. Is Beth’s struggle to save her family from a parasitic infestation actually happening or is Beth destroying the one chance she has to redeem herself?