The Evil Inside Her – Feature Film

In The Evil Inside Her, a modern horror thriller, a killer (Eric Roberts as Clayton) secretly compels others to murder for him by drugging his victims, causing self-mutilation and horrible violence against those closest to them.  When he chooses unsuspecting Vikki (Melissa Kunnap), she must fight her own psychosis or succumb to Clayton’s murderous desires. Set in remote Western North Carolina, Vikki’s three friends have to choose to help her or fight for their own survival.

SuttleFilm, based in North Carolina, stayed local with their newest horror film.  Casting mainly in Asheville and Atlanta and filming in Brevard, North Carolina, SuttleFilm showed us once again why movies were made here.  The town of Brevard welcomed them as it was the perfect backdrop of a small town that the crew was looking for. Once again SuttleFilm found themselves shooting much of the film in the forests of North Carolina.  Through dirt and mud they did whatever it took to create this gorgeous film.

Through much praise from the trailer and test viewings, the film has found itself in the last stages of post production.  The Evil Inside Her is almost on its way to the final sound mix and then onto distribution.

SuttleFilm is excited for viewers to watch this film and see, what is wrong with Vikki.

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