Founded by Filmmaker, James Suttles, SuttleFilm is a motion picture & video production company.

SuttleFilm is a film and video production company based in Asheville, North Carolina offering a variety of innovative video and film services from pre-production, production and post production including creative, producer, director, DP, crew, equipment, audio, studio, filming, aerial photography and videography, Stedicam & Gimbal hardware, editing, motion graphics, animation, Color Correction etc. As a Production Services company, we collaborate with Producers, Networks, Advertising Agencies, Corporations, and businesses to assist in creating high quality content.

SuttleFilm is a leading Film and Video Production Company headquartered in Asheville, NC and is comprised of award-winning filmmakers who bring creative integrity, smart producing, and passion for the art and business to every project. For almost two decades, SuttleFilm has created content with unforgettable imagery and that informs, invigorates, and engages the viewer.

 Four Core divisions of focus drive SuttleFilm as a company —

SF ENTERTAINMENT is active in developing, financing, producing and co-producing high quality, niche’ oriented motion pictures and new media entertainment. SuttleFilm produces a wide range of film and video content including feature films, television, documentaries and music videos for a variety of distribution platforms. Through the acquisition and investment in a variety of equipment & resources, SuttleFilm has been uniquely positioned to produce content for dramatically lower financial risks by utilizing all that we offer in house. Add that to the years of production experience shared by the SuttleFilm family and we believe we have created a winning business model for motion pictures and new media entertainment.


PRODUCTION SUPPORT SERVICES provides other producers & filmmakers production support & management for projects ranging from Commercials & Digital Marketing to Documentary & Corporate content. By offering all of the required elements including Camera and G&E rental, along with production crews including, Producers, Production Managers, Directors, DP’s Gaffers, Grips, Hair & Makeup and editors along with logistic support; SuttleFilm can provide any production with all of the elements to produce high quality content on time and within budget.


TURNKEY PRODUCTION SERVICES provides turnkey production to our clients. Wether it is a commercial, digital ad, short form corporate communication or documentary project, our professional, experienced crew take your concept into creative development, through preproduction and writing, into production and postproduction and in the end, deliver a high quality, engaging end product in a wide variety of platforms.  

EQUIPMENT RENTALS through our sister endeavors, The Asheville Studio and Asheville Camera Grip & Lighting Rental, we provide production facilities and equipment rentals for productions of all types and sizes.  Asheville Camera Grip & Lighting has a full inventory of Grip & Lighting equipment, camera support, and complete digital cinema camera packages.  The Asheville Studio provides a spacious sound stage and production facilities for use on a variety of productions.

— The Team —

Our team is comprised of some of the most dedicated, hardworking filmmakers in the industry.  A core group of project leads, creatives and technicians are the cornerstone of SuttleFilm and our consistant collaboration insures our efficiency, quality and commitment. No matter how large or small, every project is treated with the highest degree of energy and commitment.

James Suttles, a multifaceted creative Producer, Director and Cinematographer, stands at the forefront of his production company SuttleFilm as its Founder. His journey in the realm of filmmaking encompasses a comprehensive understanding of all facets of production, showcasing expertise in project management, cinematography, editing, color grading, post-production, and creative direction. With an expansive career that spans large-budget feature films to grassroots projects, James has etched his mark as a versatile and accomplished filmmaker.

Born with a passion for storytelling through motion pictures, his commitment to the art of storytelling is evident in his emphasis on strong visual content and unique story structures. James has been a driving force behind a range of projects, contributing his skills to create captivating narratives that resonate with audiences.

Among his recent accomplishments, James served as the Producer and Director on notable feature films such as “The Nest,” “Seven Days Till Midnight,” and “The Evil Inside Her.” Additionally, he took on the role of Director of Photography for “The Good Things Devils Do” and showcased his cinematographic expertise in films like “Rift,” “Shifting Gears,” and on the Academy Award-nominated feature film “Alone Yet Not Alone.” Additionally, through a partnership with Wild Winn Pictures, he has most recently produced the Tubi Originals “The Murdaugh Murders,” “Twisted House Sitter 2,” “Blood, Sweat & Cheer” and the BET film “God’s Grace, The Shelia Johnston Story.”

James Suttles has expanded his creative footprint beyond traditional filmmaking, collaborating with prestigious clients and entities including Huffington Post, Intel, GE, Apple, Blizzard, Time, Inc., and various music videos, including works with acclaimed artists like James Wesley and the legendary Steve Martin.

Adding an educational dimension to his illustrious career, James was a valuable member of the Cinematography faculty at the University of North Carolina, School of the Arts from 2015 through 2022. His role focused on imparting knowledge in digital cinematography and integrating post-production workflows into the production process.

James hopes to continue on the path of inspiring and contributing to the cinematic landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the world of storytelling through his passion, talent, and unwavering dedication to the art and business of filmmaking.


Originally from Miami, Florida, Jennifer (Jen) has loved and been involved in various aspects of acting since her early years. Jen is a cousin to Gloria Jean, one of the first child actresses in Hollywood and she also grew up with the iconic character actor Billy De Wolfe, as he and her father were the best of friends. Appearing in live theater since early childhood, some of which was performed in her parents’ garage for the neighborhood, Jen has appeared in numerous film, television and commercial productions. The year 2005 saw the beginning of her role in producing films which has continued into current day. In 2016, Jen joined James Suttles of SuttleFilm and Asheville camera, grip and lighting as partner and took on the role of Executive Producer. Producing credits include the films Seven Days Till Midnight with Keith Harris, The Evil Inside Her with Eric Roberts and more recently, The Bewailing with Dee Wallace. Jen is based in the beautiful WNC mountains but works on the west coast whenever possible.