Casting for the Feature Film “The Good Things Devils Do” is currently underway in the Asheville, NC area. Below you will find all relevant information needed to submit a taped audition for consideration in the production.

Please send taped auditions to by Friday, November 30, 2018


Production Information

  • Production title: The Good Things Devils Do
  • Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
  • Production Type: Independent Feature Length Film
  • Project length: Feature Film (90+ minutes)
  • Project format: 4.5K
  • Posted on: Friday, November 13, 2018
  • Production location: Brevard, NC and surrounding areas
  • Production Company: SuttleFilm
  • Company website:
  • Director: Jess Norvisgaard
  • Producer: James Suttles
  • Casting Director: Alison Criscoe
  • Compensation: $125 for named roles.

Key Dates


Please send taped auditions to by Friday, November 30, 2018

Call backs:

December 7 & 8, 2018 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

(Please note all call backs will be given a specific time within this window)

Call Back Location: The Asheville Studio – 12 Old Charlotte Hwy, Suite 80 Asheville, NC 28803

Shooting Starts: January 23, 2019

Shooting Ends: February 10, 2019


A small group of thieves embark on a mission to rob a retired drug dealer’s small fortune carefully locked away in his home.  It soon becomes apparent that they have the wrong address when they discover an older couple dealing with their own crisis, as they are trapped inside their own home, the wife having been attacked by a vampire not long ago!  As they all find themselves forced to work together to keep the vampire out, they face their biggest problem yet: the wife died and has also become the demonic undead!  Now they along with their unlikely ally, the widower, have to last the night in a house plagued with vampires and no possible escape.

Breaking in was the easy part…breaking out will be hell!

Character BIOS

RICHARD [MALE] [AGE:  30’s-40’s]

Burnt out, over-aged ladies’ man who’s down on his luck and content with his slow downward spiral.  Lives like an urchin, dragging anyone down with him.  Despondent heart since his daughter was killed by a drunk driver, looking for whatever fix comes next.  Still considered dangerous and cool by the locals.  Gets by with small jobs and petty crime.  Richard has a good heart, but what makes him dangerous is that he can go either way, and he’s the kind who will take the dark road without blinking.  Loves Jade but has never told her – terrified of getting attached and hurt.  Paid role: $125.


MELVIN  [MALE] [AGE:  50’s-60’s]

Retired doctor. Caregiver. Worldly, thoughtful and intelligent mild goofball. Charismatic and loving and loyal. Husband for 20 years, he lives his twilight years with financial freedom and joy, just spending them with his doting wife Louisie. Content reading books and occasionally having a glass of wine on the porch. Paid role: $125.


JADE  [FEMALE] [AGE: 30’s-40’s]

Under-achieving wayward “lost girl”.  Heart of gold has a hard loyalty that makes her a wonderful, yet dangerous companion.  Uses her beauty to piggyback off anyone else’s success or lack thereof.  Not a dumb woman, just doesn’t know how to do it herself.  Loves Richard, loves the coolness that comes with being with him.  Accepts failure, battles insecurity, desperately wants a better life.  Young enough to turn it around, but too old to start new.   Paid role: $125.


PERCY [MALE] [AGE: Late 20’s-30’s]

Tough guy; the heavy.  Younger, looks up to Richard, but sees himself as an equal all the same.  Friends with a lot of the locals, known for being a heavy hitter, a fighter, and one not to mess with.  Smart even if undereducated.  Natural criminal.  Not an evil man whatsoever, just a hard one.  Paid role: $125.



Geek, super nerd who listens to 80’s hair metal, dresses with homemade creative clothes, and is utterly unsure of her place in the world.  She is a teammate with her Dad, not just daughter.  A survivor of mental abuse from her mother, she navigates the world with love and excitement, and yet is terrified of what will become of her life.  She feels ok as long as kick ass Dad is around. Loves him tremendously, and knows she’s loved back.  Accepts that his love is nontraditional, and that they live a somewhat crazy life.  Is killed by drunk driver and becomes her father’s rock through memory.  Paid role: $125.



Arc Vampire.  Says little but poses the biggest threat.  Appears to have a valley girl prissiness about her but is a stone-cold killer who just wants in, and no one can figure out exactly why she’s chosen Melvin and Louisie’s home.  Paid role: $125.



Marine. Good natured, well-mannered and polite, but will kill you if his superiors order him to. White bread, drinks socially only, cuts the crust off his sandwiches, opens the door for a lady. Body builder. Dead shot. Will bench press a human and can break a man’s neck from any position. Paid role: $125

Please send taped auditions to by Friday, November 30, 2018