“Strangest Christmas Yet” w/ Steve Martin Music Video

In early September 2017 Suttle Film was contacted by producer/director, Steve Delahoyde out of Chicago about DPing the music video “Strangest Christmas Yet”.  The concept was based around Steve Martin’s holiday song included on his just released album. Neither a hurricane barreling up the coast causing threatening torrential rain and wind nor having 4 days to crew up, scout, and prep the shoot could stop Suttle Films from being apart of this experience.  Luckily Suttle Films was able to have a day of rigging and prep as the art department worked to set dec the house which Suttle Films used to pre-light the sets and to build rain cover for the impending storm. With this prep, Suttle Films was able to work more comfortably in the garage for the final performance of the music video.

The music video consists of Steve sitting with his wife and the Steep Canyon Rangers during the Christmas time watching home videos on a projector next to him.  Steve tells the story of the “Strangest Christmas Yet” which we see on the projector of his family and the strange things they do.

The music video was shot over the course of 2 days with with a full crew along with a Red Weapon shooting 8K and a Red Dragon shooting 6K for the majority of the performance sequences with Steve and the Steep Canyon Rangers.  The first day of production was focused primarily on the performance with the second day of production focused on all the “characters” that occupy the story throughout the song.

In the end, through the creativity and ingenuity of Suttle Films and the help of a little luck, they were able to shoot everything needed both interior and exterior for the project including the ending shot of the flaming tire rolling down the street.  “I’m proud of what we accomplished and excited to see what everyone thinks of “Strangest Christmas Yet’” James Suttles.