Rave Party Massacre – Feature Film

Set in 1992, Rave Party Massacre tells the story of carefree femme fatale Rachel.  Rachel and her conspiracy-theorizing boyfriend, Branson, arrive in front of a run-down hospital to participate in an underground rave party.  Before actually entering the building, they get into a fight; as Branson would much rather stay in the car and doesn’t think it’s a good idea to attend the rave, while Rachel is already fitting a pink wig.  Regardless of Branson’s efforts to convince her otherwise, she enters the building, getting greeted with a pill by a masked stranger. Soon Branson follows his upset and angry girlfriend, but just as he leaves her to get drinks, Rachel meets Thomas.  Thomas leads her to a secluded area to have drug-induced, half-hallucinating sex with her. Meanwhile, Branson’s vain endeavours to look for Rachel only end in spilling drinks on Clare who starts flirting with and kissing on him. Still trying to find his girlfriend, Branson soon discovers Rachel’s involvement with Thomas, blankly staring at them making out.  When Clare pays a visit to the toilet, feeling unwell, she is watched by Phillip, a seemingly shy loner listening to Classical music on his Walkman. The next morning everyone begins to awake in the hospital. Rachel, locked in one of the hospital’s morgue drawers, is saved by Thomas. The two of them connect with three other partygoers and search for an exit while being secretly watched by the masked, pill-popping stranger from the night before.

With Jason Winn as Director, SuttleFilm came on the project as DP and supplied crew and equipment.  Through a rave scene at the beginning of the film to the horror that follows, SuttleFilm helped to create a realistic film that is sure to scare viewers.

Using a Red Camera and Cooke lenses, SuttleFilm was able to create optical effects in camera and many other effects all without slipping on the special effects blood that lined the floors.

When the film was completed, SuttleFilm took the project under post production working on editing and color correction for the film.

Rave Party Massacre is out on DVD and is also available on iTunes and other platforms.